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Planning a More Productive Meeting in Portland

The areas of Lake Oswego and downtown Portland are popular destinations for business gatherings and events. If you're inviting out of town meeting attendees or hosting a business event for local employees, there are several things you can do to make your event a produc-tive and successful one. Use these tips to plan your next meeting in Portland.
Portland is a popular destination for meetings and large-scale business events. The area around Lake Oswego is home to several event venues that make the perfect venue for boardroom meet-ings, training events, and small conferences. Here are some important tips for planning a more pro-ductive meeting in Portland:

Tips for Productive Meetings

  • Encourage networking. If you have several out of town attendees at the event, they may need a formal introduction to other group members. Encourage networking before or after the meeting by hosting a social hour or leaving room in the meeting agenda for some socializing.
  • Send the agenda before the event. Keep everyone focused and productive by sending the agen-da items to all attendees at least 24 hours in advance. This can help attendees prepare notes and questions before, not during, the meeting.
  • Send a summary after the event. Have someone take notes of all key items discussed and deci-sions made during the event. Send this to all participants so they can get a refresher on what was discussed as they depart from the event.

Planning a Meeting in Portland

Portland is home to several business offices and event venues, making it an attractive destination for meetings and business events. Plan your next meeting at the Crowne Plaza Portland - Lake Oswego  where guests can enjoy spacious rooms and savory Pacific Northwest cuisine. We offer 5,000 square feet of event space and catering services to make your event a success. Learn more about meeting services available at the Crowne Plaza Portland-Lake Oswego.
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